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Introduction to Color Theory

The significance of color can be explained through color name. Color is the never ending characteristic of light depicted by a color name. Precisely, color explicate light and light constitute of many colors, of that which we recognize are the visual (spectrum) range of belief or qualifies i.e. red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet.

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Photoshop Pixel Patterns

Create a new document 10X10 pixels and fill it with #611502. Now go to Edit>Prefrences>Guides Grids and Slices and set ‘Gridline every: 2 pixels’ and Subdivisions to 1. This gives us a nice grid to work with and keep out patterns inline. Press ok and return to your document. Now make sure you turn grids

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Creating 3D Objects Using Photoshop

3D objects, namely icons, the little graphics that grace the interface of almost every conceivable GUI application you can possibly think of. Icons give us a visual representation of the functions, tools, and processes they represent. In this article, we’ll step through the process of creating a very nice 3d icon using reference material. I

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How To Optimize WordPress

Site optimization regardless of platform will always be of some benefit to your site, Google recently decided to penalize sites that were slow loading, which will do no favors for SEO and SERPs. It makes sense to keep your database tidy, cache files and data if possible and reduce image sizes for example. Here are

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Remove Date From Google Serps – Hide Serp Description Date

If your posts are “timeless”, the post date that is shown in google’s search results may significantly limit the number of visitors you receive. It may lower the click-through rate to your website and as a side effect lower your rankings. For many queries the date-stamp is a good indicator whether that particular result is

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Backlinks Indexer Review – Profile Links Case Study

Have you been wondering how to index backlinks most efficiently? Backlinks Indexer is the linklicious alternative, I was referring to in my previous post. If you’re a linklicious user (and even if you aren’t) please read the previous post and then return here. If you are in need of an indexing service, you’ll understand why

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I’ll make it short and simple for you. Linklicious is not worth it. Stick with me for a minute or two and I’ll show you why. While pinging RSS feeds was for a long time a promising technique for indexing backlinks, today in the post panda world it’s just not enough. But that’s all that

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How To Secure WordPress – WordPress Security

After 8 months of silence, after 8 months of bathing in champagne and after 8 months of lying around various majestic worldwide beaches, I decided that it was time. Time for a new post, an eye opener to many, a grand piece of art, THE RETURN OF SHAREASCHNITZEL. Right. Enough foolishness, lets cut to the

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