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Remove Date From Google Serps – Hide Serp Description Date

If your posts are “timeless”, the post date that is shown in google’s search results may significantly limit the number of visitors you receive. It may lower the click-through rate to your website and as a side effect lower your rankings. For many queries the date-stamp is a good indicator whether that particular result is

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Backlinks Indexer Review – Profile Links Case Study

Have you been wondering how to index backlinks most efficiently? Backlinks Indexer is the linklicious alternative, I was referring to in my previous post. If you’re a linklicious user (and even if you aren’t) please read the previous post and then return here. If you are in need of an indexing service, you’ll understand why

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I’ll make it short and simple for you. Linklicious is not worth it. Stick with me for a minute or two and I’ll show you why. While pinging RSS feeds was for a long time a promising technique for indexing backlinks, today in the post panda world it’s just not enough. But that’s all that

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Link & Meta Tags in HTML

The most important tag in the head of a web page is the title tag, but the link an meta tags can tell a lot of information about your content. These tag can tell important information to search engines, and provide a handful of usefulness to a visitor. HTML is not simply intended to hold

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How To Hide Your Links

It’s not unusual that, when you’re checking out your competitors backlinks, you stumble upon a site with a poor linking profile. May that be a sheer low number of backlinks or a higher number of poor quality links, the page is still ranking top in a competitive niche. How is that possible? HIDING YOUR LINKS

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Allsubmitter Review – Why Allsubmiter Is The Best Directory Submitter

Do you prefer to be told what to do, or are you the man in your house? If you’re the type of person who decides where and when to scratch oneself, then there’s clearly only one option for you, Allsubmitter. I have tried the Submit Suite’s Website Submitter, Brad Callen’s Directory Submitter, DigiXmas Submitter, Arelis,

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Undetectable Linkwheels – Link Strategy Diagram

How can you get your website to the top for competitive keywords? You setup a network of websites that you control! Here’s how you can use the authority and trust of web2 properties to gain higher SERPs. What you will need is at least 24 unique articles, minimum 300 words. You can write them yourself

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30 Link Bait Headlines You Should Use When Writing Articles

Don’t judge a book by its title (yes title, no cover). A saying that could be not farther from the truth, at least when you’re posting online. A proper headline can dictate your success, so here are a few ideas on how to construct a good title:The Truth About _________________________ Example1: The Truth About Hearing

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