30 Link Bait Headlines You Should Use When Writing Articles

Don’t judge a book by its title (yes title, no cover). A saying that could be not farther from the truth, at least when you’re posting online. A proper headline can dictate your success, so here are a few ideas on how to construct a good title:

The Truth About _________________________

Example1: The Truth About Hearing devices
Example2: The Truth About Hell

_______ You Should ____________

Example1: 6 Foods You Should Avoid Giving To Your Baby
Example2: 5 Coffee Franchises You Should Invest In Immediately

The Warning Signs of _____________

Example1: The Warning Signs of Gout
Example2: The 6 Warning Signs of a Stroke

The Amazing Secrets of _________________

Example1: The Amazing Secrets of Trout Fishing
Example2: The Amazing Secrets of the Best Disability Lawyers

How To _____ Like The (pros/insiders/experts)

Example1: How To Cook Fish Like a World Class Chef
Example2: How To Feel Like The Incredible Hulk

A _______’s guide to _________

Example1: A Knitter’s guide to 10 minute scarfs
Example2: A Man’s Guide To Long Term Relationships

The Joy of ___________

Example1: The Joy of a Clutter-Free Home
Example2: The Joy of Painting

Cures for ____________

Example1: Cures for Hot Flashes
Example2: Natural Cures for Depression

The Perfect ________

Example1: The perfect way to shop for engagement rings
Example2: The perfect gifts for under $22

Are You ________? Test Yourself

Example1: Are You Ready To Invest in the Hottest Opportunities? Test Yourself.
Example2: Are You Ready For Marriage? Test Yourself

The Basic Elements Found In Every _________

Example1: The Basic Elements Found In Every Stress-Free Work Environment
Example2: The Basic Elements Found in Every Good Boyfriend

Do You Have the Courage to ________?

Example1: Do You Have the Courage to Lead a Debt Free Life?
Example2: Do You Have the Courage To Succeed In Your Adsense Business?

What Every ______ Should Know About ________

Example1: What Every Shrewd Investor Should Know About the Stock Market
Example2: What Every Student Should Know About Online Learning

What ______ Won’t Tell You About _______

Example1: What Your Family Doctor Won’t Tell You About Depression
Example2: What Politicians Won’t Tell You About Future Oil Prices

Don’t Read This If _________

Example1: Don’t Read This If You’re Happy With Your Marriage
Example2: Don’t Read This If You’re Not Worried About the Impact of Global Warming

Is It Wrong/Bad To ______ ?

Example1: Is It Wrong To Eat After 8 p.m.?
Example2: Is It Wrong To Access Someone Else’s Background Information Online?

Protect ______ From _______

Example1: Protect Your Money From the Government
Example2: Protect Your Children from Skin Cancer

Best ______ of ________

Example1: Best Marketing Books Of All Time.
Example2: Best Hip Hop Albums Of 2007

Break The _______ Cycle

Example1: Break The Ear-infection Cycle
Example2: Break The Debt Cycle

________-proofing Checklist

Example1: Baby-proofing Checklist
Example2: Debt-Proofing Cheklist

_______ Breakthrough(s)!

Example1: Pancreatic Cancer Breakthroughs!
Example2: Couple Counseling Breakthrough!

Here’s a Quick Way To _________

Example1: Here’s a Quick Way To Get Millions of Prospects
Example2: Here’s a Quick Way To Spot a Woman Who’s Been Abused

The _________ You Should Do When _________

Example1: The 3 Things You Should Do When You Can’t Sleep
Example2: The One Thing You Should Do to Protect Your Family From Being Attacked

What Everybody Ought to Know About _________

Example1: What Everybody Ought To Know About Financial Freedom
Example2: What Everybody Ought to Know About Aronia Berries

How the Experts __________

Example1: How the Experts Buy and Sell Silver
Example2: How the Experts Bluff in Texas Hold ‘Em

Who Else Wants __________

Example1: Who Else Wants To Climb Like An Orangutan?
Example2: Who Else Wants a PSP2?

Why You Should Never Even Think About ________

Example1: Why You Should Never Even Think About Showering Without Filtering Your Water
Example2: Why You Should Never Even Think About Selling a House Before Reading This

What Never to Do When ______

Example1: What Never to Do When Buying Information Products Online
Example2: What Never to Do When Approaching a Woman

Little Known Ways to _______

Example1: 11 Little Known Ways to Advance Your Career
Example2: Little Known Ways To Save Money When Eating Out

The Dumb Mistakes Most _______ Make When ________

Example1: The Dumb Mistakes Most Business Owners Make When Buying Advertising
Example2: The Dumb Mistakes Most Men Make When Approaching a Woman

_________ to Jump Start your _________

Example1: 6 Ways to Jump-Start Your Body’s Detox System
Example2: How To Jump Start Your Car

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