Allsubmitter Review – Why Allsubmiter Is The Best Directory Submitter

Do you prefer to be told what to do, or are you the man in your house? If you’re the type of person who decides where and when to scratch oneself, then there’s clearly only one option for you, Allsubmitter. I have tried the Submit Suite’s Website Submitter, Brad Callen’s Directory Submitter, DigiXmas Submitter, Arelis, GSA Website Submitter ($474!) and let me tell you from experience. All those applications combined aren’t worth 20% of what allsubmitter is. Unlike other directory software that come with a pre-made directory list that in most cases can not be changed, allsubmitter lets YOU decide where you’re going to submit.

You can import your own list of directories or even hunt for new ones. That means that you’ll be able to submit links in other places than your competitors do! Allsubmitter is also the only directory submitter that comes with an inbuilt serp scrapper. A serp scrapper is a tool that lets you search all the main search engines like google, yahoo and bing for footprints. And a footprint is a trace that scripts like phpld (link directory) leaves. Simply told, what this means is that you can generate your own UNIQUE and HANDMADE list of directories with the click of a few mouse buttons!

List Of Link Directory Footprints
– “Powered by Php weby directory software”
– “Powered by qlWebDS Pro”
– “Powered By K-Links Directory”
– “Powered By LinkX”
– “Powered by indexu”
– “Powered by BosDirectory”
– inurl:submit.php intext:regular links + free
– “Powered by phpld”
– inurl:suggest.php?action=addlink
– inurl:suggest-link.php?
– “Powered by esyndicat”

However, keep in mind that you do need a little brain to control all the power that comes with this directory submitter. It is not the easiest one click tool and there is a learning curve before you can master it. Knowing that, the authors have made video tutorials for each section including how to find new link directories, how to train the software for auto submission and improved semi-automatic submission.

Flexible and Future Proof

Allsubmitter is not just a directory submitter. Because of its artificial intelligence, you can literally train the program to submit to almost any webform. Links from directories are not the only links you can obtain with allsubmitter. You can, for example, submit to article directories. Here you can find a demonstration on how to find article directories and here how to submit to them.

Allsubmitter Is Not Perfect

There is one flaw though and that is the so called automatic captcha recognition. Not only does the software fail to recognize most of the captchas, those that it does could be wrong too, so make sure you double check the captcha which was automatically typed in by the software. But if we all would request the captcha recognition function to be improved, the authors would surely get their hands on it. To get their attention to the captcha issue is also one of the points of this allsubmitter review.

There Is More To It

There are three other major benefits that only come with allsubmitter and no other directory tool.

1) Position checker – Lets you input the keywords that you want to rank for and monitors your positions in the SERPs. You can then view the data as a chart and export it in csv, html or xls.

2) Pagerank checker – You can check any kind of urls for their pagerank. This is especially useful if you have lots of pages and you want to make sure that you will submit only on the better quality ones with an established pagerank.

3) Content rewriting – If you want to make sure that all your text is as unique as possible you will want to use the inbuilt content rewritter. Such applications alone are usually sold for a $100 or so, but with allsubmitter you get it for free. Take a look at the video demonstration of this feature.

Not Perfect, But Reliable

Support is top notch. I have requested support 3 times to this day and every time I received a response within the hour. Allsubmitter gets improved and updated every few months and the current software version of 5.7 proves their dedication in making the best directory submitter. Simply told, Allsubmitter is the best compromise in reliability, price and functionality.

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8 thoughts on “Allsubmitter Review – Why Allsubmiter Is The Best Directory Submitter”

  1. Could you give any advice on how to use it with blog comment forms? I've built an auto-submission list of 300 blogs but they are all coming up as 'failed'.

  2. Interesting question. I've never really tried it with blog commenting (have xrumer for that).

    Did you ask support?

    Maybe it's only reporting as "failed" though. Unless you specify a successful submission text, allsubmitter can not determine if the submission was successful. So in that case, even if the program reports a submission as failed it might indeed be successful.

    What's the exact error you get?

  3. Great post. Thankyou for that. I'm trying to gather up the footprints.. I'm very impressed by the built in scraper, I expected less, but so far it's producing better results than scrapebox with the engines built in.

  4. Well nice article indeed. And especially the footprints.
    However I prefer GSA Auto Website Submitter since it has a more clear interface and also more websites to submit to. Nevertheless the allsubmiter isn’t bad as well.


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