Review & A Plausible Linklicious Alternative

I’ll make it short and simple for you. Linklicious is not worth it. Stick with me for a minute or two and I’ll show you why. While pinging RSS feeds was for a long time a promising technique for indexing backlinks, today in the post panda world it’s just not enough. But that’s all that linklicious does. It turns your links into RSS feeds and pings them.

The panda update focused on getting rid of low quality pages. Whether they succeeded or not is a question for debate. If you look at the SERPs, we can see that for many searches the results are in many cases not as related as they were before the big algorithm change. If google identified your pages as being low quality, they may lose its rank or even get deindexed. It’s been said that if you have a number of such pages on your website, your whole domain might get a lower ranking score.

Back to the point, panda made it harder to index low quality pages, therefore your lower quality links, like profiles for example, don’t work as much as they did before. Let’s face it, if you need help indexing a webpage, it’s nature is most likely not of high quality. If it was a quality page it would get indexed by itself when spiders come crawling. So if we want our links to count, we need to index them. Linklicious should do that. But Linklicious just doesn’t do its job, or should we say, does it very “sloppy-ish”.

In order to prove this, I’ve ran a test for 45 days. I went rather crazy with a period that long, because links will usually get indexed no longer than 14 days after they’ve been crawled. If urls were not indexed by that time, chances are they won’t ever be, unless we give them some further push of course. For the test, I’ve picked one of the hardest links to index, profiles.


There were 1903 live links that were built. And with the help of 45 days time google indexed 175 of those, using linklicious as an assistant. Keep in mind that most of those 1903 links were randomly interconnected, which helped with indexing even without Some of those links were indexed by natural discovery of google spiders. So if we give a rough estimate, linklicious helped me index some 90 links in 45 days. I only have one word for this:


Cheer your moods though, right now a fruitful test of a linklicious alternative is in process. In 2 days it managed to index almost as much as linklicious did in 45 days.

UPDATE: Here are the results

7 thoughts on “ Review & A Plausible Linklicious Alternative”

  1. But the owners of the site always come back and say that you don’t need the links to be indexed to get credit for them, you just need them to be crawled. They say that a low quality link just being crawled will give your site some SEO benefit, most likely very small, but when you have thousands of links this adds up.

    What would you say to that?

  2. I agree to that. It’s still true, however that statement is losing weight more and more each day. A link that is not indexed now in the post panda world, is worth a lot less than it was before. A crawled link counts, however an indexed link counts much more.

    I have seen SERP increases from using the alternate backlink indexer! And what matters are the SERPs.

  3. Interesting test. Were you using the paid or free version of Linklicious? And what software did you use for the profile creation?

  4. Paid version of course. Profiles were created with xrumer.

    And the linklicious alternative test is already finished, I just need to post the results. The other indexer is 500% more effective, although it costs more too. But if a link is not indexed it’s more or less worthless. To be crawled only is worthless in this time of year.

  5. I am new to the Pinging website, still learning how important the pinging is to the website ranking. You have given a good article about Linklicious which i was planning to open an account on.


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