Page Ranking – How A Search Engine Works

Page ranking or where our web pages appear in the search engines is the most important factor if we are interested in online business or if we want to get visitors to our web sites. So, how do search engines work? Most of todays webmasters fail to analyze this question properly. We have thousands of search engines, the most important one today is google. Each of them works on a special mathematical equation or algorithm which in most cases is kept secret to the general public. Webmasters spend months and even years trying to figure out the secret google algorithm and how to rank better in the search results. Mathematical equation of a search engine is not permanent, but is dynamic and ever changing. That is an absolute fact, because top search results are preliminary to the existence of a search engine. That means that even if we do figure out the exact google algorithm and rank first for all of our websites and its content that doesn’t mean our ranking will be permanent. When the algorithm is next updated, ranking of our pages may drop down to the unknown. So how do we get rid of this fear? How shall we construct our websites?

Page Ranking - How A Search Engine Works

We need to think of the internet as being one large library, where google is the librarian, because that is what google is. A medium which provides information we searched for in seconds. Google knows all those million books (websites) from the back of his head and suggests those that he believes are most relevant to your search (google algorithm). Providing most suitable books depending on your interest is the librarians job and likewise google searches the web for the keywords you have entered in the search box. Providing the searcher with most suitable websites is the search engines most important job. It does not matter where the page comes from or who wrote it.

So what do we need to do to appear in the search engines and make sure we get noticed? There are a few factors for which we can be sure they are gonna be included in every search engines ranking algorithm.



Mentioned a thousand times before by webmasters, still neglected by too many. If we have lots of unique content that is of interest to the public, we need not too worry about our pagerank, neither of our SERPs (search engine result pages). Spam websites that have copied and duplicated content are websites without any ground support and earth below may break any day when search engines develop new filters to get rid of spammy websites. Low content websites with two or three pages depend on very few keywords. If those few keywords aren’t searched by a lot of people you are left behind with no traffic. On the contrary lets look at a website with 5000 articles. Each article has a title and an article about this particular subject, which in most cases is hundreds of words. So in the end what we have is 100.000 – 1.000.000 of words, keywords and all are indexed by the search engines. You can see that if we have this, we don’t need to worry about our SERPs, nor our pagerank, because someone, somewhere is going to search for the exact same information that you have on your website. You can now see the importance of unique content. As long as your content is of interest to the public, you don’t need to worry about the mathematical equation of google or any future search engine.


A good reference book always has an appendix providing information on all the subjects which can be found in the book. Similar to that your article needs the proper title. The title you are giving to your post will appear in the search engine results, therefor you need to make sure its a well constructed title that will be searched for by the end internet users. When writing the article its smart to use the keywords you choose for the title in the content a few times as well.

Page Ranking - How  Search Engines Work

Grammar And Spelling

Nott onyl wil yur vistros be disrtactad by yuor spenling mstiakes, you will also get indexed this way by the search engines. So if you write an article full of wrong grammar the surfers will not find you unless they make the same spelling mistake as you did. A spelling mistake in the title may cost you 95-99 % of visitors.

A Working Website

This subject if pretty self explaining. A website that is not working will either be excluded from the search engines, or the visitor may leave just because your website is messed up.

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