The Most Powerful Mantra In The World

The most powerful mantra in the world. Only known by the elite high priests, it was held secret for millenia. Never was the rule of secrecy broken, nor objected. The tremendous strength and excellence potential of this one mantra broke the stone of ten commandments, evaporated the five percepts into emptiness of space. Patanjali realized that this mantra makes his two limbs yama and niyama obsolete. And even those who did not sing the “shahada”, were not called infidels anymore after realizing the truth of this following most divine mantra that enhances the physical and metaphysical being of every(one).

 ShareaSchnitzel Mantra

When sands of time are one, thy will of shnitzels be done
When sands of time are gone, thy love for shnitzels like no one
When sands of time are one, thy will for shnitzels none
When sands of time are done, schnitzel will be one

When to sing it – When to repeat it – When to pray this mantra?

When do you want to be prosperous? When do you want to be happy? When do you want to be loved? Now is that time! And the only time is now.

Repeat it like you have repeated the colors of the rainbow in your early days. Sing it to your children before sleep. Announce it to your office colleagues in the morning. Include it in your wedding speech. Harmoniously arrange the letters when you eat your alphabet soup. Make a wallpaper out of it and use it as a computer screen. Record it with your band and change your cellphone tone. Make a car sticker and proudly drive your vehicle throughout the country.

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