Top B2B – Best Global Trading Websites

A list of top B2B world trade, global trading websites that are ranked at least Top 100.000 in Alexa Traffic Rank. This list is comprehensive and you should not need any other websites if you would like to jump in business to business trade. If they are not rated in the top Alexa statistics report they simply are not worth checking out because you are looking for customers or suppliers and if a page has a lot of traffic it will have a lot of members. Some may argue that Alexa statistics is inaccurate and can not provide you the whole picture, and I agree with that, Alexa rating can’t be used alone for some other more detailed analysis, but the statistics is guaranteed to be accurate enough for our purpose. So here is the List:

If you think I have left out an important website, please message me and I will personaly check the website and add it to the list. It was quite a huge research so its only possible I have forgotten a good b2b site.

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