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ShareaSchnitzel is currently looking for talented artists, designers, and writers. If you’re interested in writing an article for ShareaSchnitzel, see the benefits and requirements.

What Are Your Benefits?

  • Your article will be featured for our entire community to see.
  • You’ll be giving back to the community.
  • You can insert a link back to your website.
  • And of course monetary compensation! I love to see unique, in depth tutorials and will pay accordingly. You will be compensated for your article anywhere around $20 to $50. You need to have a paypal account. No other payment method will be considered.


  • The article must bu related to one of the following topics: Design, Photography, Programming, Web, Blogging, Productivity, Wallpapers, and Tools.  If you have a high quality article that does not fit in any of these topics, but you think it’s still very worthwhile to publish it, get in touch with us. We are always open to your suggestions so feel free to pitch any topic that interests you.
  • The article must be written in English.
  • The article must be highly professional and have minimal typographical/grammatical mistakes.  Minor mistakes will be fixed by ourselves.  Poorly written articles will be rejected.
  • The article must match the quality of other posts on the site.
  • The article must have at least some images.  Generally speaking, more is better.
  • Your author information cannot promote any questionable material.  This includes, but is not limited to the following: Warez, Sexual Content, Racist or Hate Websites, Criminal Activities.
  • The article must be appropriate for any demographic.
  • Keyword linking in the author biography is not allowed. You have to use the name of your website/brand.
  • Click here to see an example of the kind of posts ShareaSchnitzel is looking for. Your posts should match or exceed the level of quality given in that example.
  • Do NOT submit general and low quality articles like you see on numerous article directories. Only quality articles will be looked at and considered. Everything else will be mercilessly rejected.

Copyright and Ownership

  • As the author you may use any article, tutorial, graphic, or design resource in your personal or professional works. You may not however resell or redistribute the content on any other website.
  • You grant a license to the readers of this site to use the knowledge and information you have provided to use in their own work.
  • You grant a license to Colorburned to be the exclusive publisher of your work. You may publish excerpts from your article on your website for instance but the article may not be published in its entirety on any other site.
  • On this website we take intellectual property seriously.  By submitting your article or tutorial you agree that the content that you have provided is your original work and is not the property of some one else.  Plagiarism is not tolerated on this website, don’t do it and please don’t try!

Still interested?  Excellent!  Use the form below to pitch your article or tutorial so we can let you know if it’s what ShareaSchnitzel is looking for. If you have a finished tutorial, zip it up and attach it in the form.

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